Tenchi Series

I do tend to love the villains, so you will see no heroes here! This first cel is of Kagato from Tenchi Muyo Universe. My collection of anime cels was once 400+, but as time has passed, my interest in the shows I used to enjoy has wanned. I do still love this villain though. Purchased in the late 90s.

A1End. I owned this cel, then sold it, then bought it back again. Kagato from Tenchi Muyo Universe. :D

Yosho's statue from Tenchi Muyo Universe. I have been looking for the companion background to this one for 15 years. If you know where it is, please let me know. It is a statue of the headless Kagato.

Hotsuma from Tenchi in Tokyo.
My favorite villain is Hotsuma, a sneaky fellow that gets a lot done in his short screentime. This is him in Tenchi in Tokyo. Original background.

I love his smirk too. A1end, B4end

*Faints* On screen they cut off his mouth, which to me just makes this cel.  A3

Nice vertical pan cel of Hotsuma and Tsugara? I can't remember his name. I love the little heart earrings though. Wow.  A1end

Pan cel of the three servants of Yugi from the first moment they are seen. Original background A1end, B1