Thor (Various)

Thor Dark World Prelude
Pencils by Scott Eaton

Issue 1, page 10

Issue 1, page 14

Issue 1, page 18

Thor: Lord of Asgard #55, page 8
Art by Tom Rainey

Thor #605, page 3
Art by Billy Tan

Thor #606, page 22
Art by Billy Tan

Deadpool's Art of War
Issue 1, page 9

Trials of Loki
Issue 4, page 5
Art by Al Barrionuevo and Michel LaCombe

Thor #44, page 17- Nuff Said Issue Art by Immonen

Thor: Son of Asgard
Concept drawings - Art by Greg Tocchini

Wordless Double page

Avengers Season One- Final Page 100, art by