Team Palisade

The Machines are all Batchix made machinas.  It took months to finish them up in their current states,but I am proud to introduce Team Palisade. This team is made up of 8 hybrid individuals with distinct skill sets and personalities. The Team is a group of crime and full machine fighters made up of a motley of hybrid machine-humans whose original purposes were very diverse.  Let me introduce them!

Ice. Ice is the leader of this team. Very little phases Ice or rattles him and he is the only one to whom Angel will answer. Ice, like his brother, was once a sponsored gladiator who retired from the service when newer, stranger models replaced his sleek design and when the thin gap between human and machine closed entirely, allowing a new species of intelligent machine to develop. While peaceful outwardly, there is nevertheless an underground war going on and hybrid machines are caught in the middle.  He, with his brother, formed the team to defeat the machines and also to champion the prejudice against the existing hybrids. He has a popular celebrity status. Status: Team Leader, gun-fighter. (a handcast Batchix Gamma)

Gage. Gage is Ice's brother. He too fought as a gladiator though he enjoyed the fame and celebrity more than the job. He is a ladies man, a player, a braggart and a swordsman. He has posed for several magazine covers and has a fan club. He sometimes risks the team's covert actions with showboating. (procast Gamma with handcast helmet)

Four. Four is the 'oldest' member of the team, named after his original designation of TAM04. He is a technical hybrid, his functions made for computations and strategy. He wears the old style of helmet with the blast shield as a defensive measure. He is still spry despite a generational gap between the other members of the team, but his physical efforts are largely spent in running and dodging. He was known in his field, but phased out by full machines. (Handcast Epsilon)

Triple. She is cognizant of her stylized but functional body. She is the long-term girlfriend of Four.  Her specialty is acrobatics and flight, the only member of the team who can fly unassisted. She is near fully machine, having no human body parts except for her eyes and some internals. As a near full machine, she sometimes has her loyalty in doubt when facing off against the true full machines that have erupted to try to take over the world. (Enchantmentdoll Alpha in Pink)

Angel. Angel is a cryptic stealth machina. Mysterious, but extremely good at covert ops, he rarely says anything. He is at constant odds with Gage, though he and Ice have a past together that makes Ice completely confident in Angel's loyalties. Those who pay attention may catch that there is some sort of debt involved. Angel has a criminal past, due to reluctance over a reputation for criminal behavior. (Faceless head sculpted by me. Epsilon procast body)

Task. Task is responsible for getting the job done. While she needs the team's support, often she is at the front line for the critical operation, and she is flexible enough in her skills to be able to do it. She also worked with Mend to repair Joules. (Batchix Eta with some head modifications to allow the boy helmet to fit)

Mend. Mend is a fixer. She has an eye for the aesthetic as well as technical prowess in repair. She is not often in the field. Her running speed is fairly slow and its not her strength. But when the rest of the team comes home, they can expect to be properly repaired. (Batchix Eta in blue)

Joules is the newest addition to the team and due to how damaged she was previous to being repaired by Task and Mend, she does not remember her former life. She does appear to be extremely fast though. She has yet to be tested in the field as part of the team. (Enchantmentdoll Alpha in lavender)

Not every machina is good. One in particular has earned the mistrust of humans honestly.  This is Bellwether. Like the other machines, he is a hybrid of a human and machine, but he is just fine using the machines to dominate humanity, which is the opposite of the rest of the team Palisade, which wants to fight for a coexistance. He is a handcast Gamma in gray, modified by me and painted partially by Batchix originally, then I added all the gold elements and distressing.