Rasendo Dolls
Rasendo is a company that was founded in the early 2000s, that closed in 2005, long before many people had even joined the hobby. They made only a few sculpts, and their bodies are odd, definitely not strongly engineered, but early on in the hobby, it wasn't really as big of a deal. They were among the first BJD companies to arrive on the scene after Volks. I am making it my goal to collect one of every sculpt, though the dolls are so rare, it may not be possible for me to accomplish. I do know where some dolls of sculpts I don't have are though, and that's enough for me. To know they are out there, and being well-taken care of. The total list of scupts:
Rasendo Touya- The only Male they made. He is on his original body. I have made it my goal to make these old dolls have the absolute most fabulous costumes, so I may have gone overkill on his outfit. :D

Rasendo Yukuzu- She was the main doll, they made a sleeping version of her as well. She is on her original female body. It does have very nice shape to it, even though the posing is difficult. She is dressed like a fairytale character. The skirt is 3 layers, with a half yard in each layer.

Rasendo Elf- She was a very popular model. I believe some people made her into a boy doll. At the time, that was the aesthetic for males as well. As far as I know, she was the first elf doll with really large ears, as any others around this time had very small elf ears. She is on a Volks SD10 girl body, so she has a thicker waistline, and better posing.

Rasendo Miyu- On a 3D printed octopus lady body custom design. Her ear fins are very fragile!

Rasendo Mei- The first catgirl Nyan that I know of! Her ears were originally supposed to be glued on, but I modified them to have magnets as is more typical these days. She is on an original Rasendo body as well.