Allmostophoneseus XI

Also known as Allmost, this character was the first D&D generated character that I played in a long campaign, and grew to love him. He began as a humble wizard at level 1, who managed to accidentally burn all his hair off...thus the skull cap. This is him in a more advanced form from that beginning, and there are a LOT of D&D easter-egg type references on him. Using Norse runes, I have written his 'memorized spells' on his arms, along with his name and title. He has a spell book in a 'holster',  and vials of handy potions on his belt like ammo. His helm has the word for Teleportation and Brilliance, honoring the two helms my character had also. His outfit a 'Robe of the Neutral Archmagi', though I know its not a robe, but its gray, like its supposed to be. He has a few scrolls tucked into his backpack, and of course he would be a poor adventurer if he were without his length of rope, and two throwing daggers...+1. ;) He is shown tempting a player, who is obviously not me.