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Due to the different natures of doll enthusiasts, I have started taking pictures of these handcast items and listing them individually on ETSY and EBAY. I will absolutely also have stock that is not shown on either of these sites, so please contact me if they sell out.

 Individual listings here. May not be available if they are out of stock in another area.

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The Buff Headback on a Kid Delf neck.
The third picture is of all the headbacks that I am aware of to exist. They are: Buff, Unoa, Amaeta and Kaye Wiggs.
Headback with a Roran faceplate on a Kid Delf body. She has a nice sized dome to aid in wigs staying on.
This is the headback with a Lusis plate. The fit varies from batch to batch. Sometimes it is loose with older batches and I would recommend the use of putty in the grooves.
This is the fairy headback with the fairy Elder plate. It gaps. It is also extremely tight. Some may not be comfortable with how tightly it fits and it may put undue stress on the plate. I WOULD RECOMMEND heating the plate up and then putting the heated plate on the headback.