These headbacks were made as part of the learning process for casting my own. Now that my results are more consistent, this second is not likely to be refilled. These headbacks are still FUNCTIONAL, but have more serious issues that I do not wish to charge full price for them. Some issues are more minor, and some are more severe. All of them are hand-cast and have a seamline. I have sanded them and prepped them, and have taken pictures of their obvious flaws.
Too yellow and full of micro bubbles. Functioning is fine. $20
Micro bubbles in the back and is too yellow. Function is fine. $20
Just one medium airbubble in the back. Otherwise, its great. $28
Color is too yellow, and there's a group of micro bubbles at the back of the head. Really, its pretty great. $25
Just too yellow, otherwise its great. $25
There was an airbubble where the 'tab' part would be, which caused the tab to fall off. There's some molding compound on it. Generally functioning would be fine for a snug faceplate, but definitely less secured with a gap. $10
Micro bubbles in the back. Air bubble in the tab. Still functions fine. Color is fine. $20
Color is off, though it might match tan Unoa. Has weird mixing flaw where the color is inconsistent, and some air bubbles on the surface. Still works fine. $15
Some weird mixture speckling in the coloring. The color is tannish. Some air bubbles. Functions fine. $15
Tannish cast, with some weird mixture speckles. Function is fine. Has some minor bubbles and roughness. $15
Weird mixing result for the color, the resin speckled, some air bubbles that are larger. Function is still fine, but its not pretty looking. $15
Major air bubble in the left 'rail' where the faceplate would slide on. Air bubble in the tab at the top.  Still can be made to function and hold plates. Tannish color, speckles from a poor mixture. $5
Air bubbles that are small all along the left side. One larger one. Still functions. $10
Just too yellow, mostly, and one air bubble at the back of the neck. $25
Too yellow, otherwise pretty great. Minor bubbles on the back. $25