These are collected Art Cards, some from Trading Card companies and some not. :) Art Cards are a delightful thing to collect because they take up such little space. This collection includes a wide variety of artists. I pride the collection on being unconcerned with the artist, and more concerned with the excellent quality of execution. My favorite characters are Loki, Steve, Bucky, Cannonball and Maximus. Maximus is nearly impossible to find, I can only commission him, so I concentrate on the others.
3 Captain America and Bucky Barnes by Matthew Clark. Commander Rogers by J. David Lee.
Loki Mastermind cards by Federico Blee, Elvin Hernandez, Babiso and Jeffeth Benitez.
Commander Rogers- Lui Antonio
Cannonball - Lee Kohse
Loki- Alex Magno
Winter Soldier-  Jeremy McHugh

 Loki Top Left -  Darren Chandler,  Loki vs Thor- by Unknown, Kid Loki by   Ian Yoshio Roberts, Thor by  Lagunsad   , Loki Watercolor by Unknown
Premier Cap- The front of a Book- by  Bienifer Flores
Cannonball by Thomasi
Loki Premier by Nik Virello
Loki by Tina Bernard

Loki by Jeffrey Benitez
Loki by George Calloway
Bucky by Flower
Cannonball by Abinuman

Loki by Chris Furgusson,  Bucky by MJ San Juan, Winter Soldier by Pappy, Peeta by Sarah Silva, and Maximus by Bernie Cooke
Inside of the Puzzle book by Bienifer Flores
Iron Man vs Cap by Elvin Hernandez
Bucky Cap by Juno Sanchez
Steve Rogers by Jomar Bulda
Winter Soldier by Nik Virella
Commander Rogers by Bienifer Flores
Loki, thor, Bucky and Cap by Javier

Top Loki by Margaret Prince, Bottom Left by Wu Wei, Middle by Margaret Prince, Right by Nac Harper
Loki by Stephanie Pui Mun Law