These are my references from MagiQuest. The game has been changing since 2012 when the company sold off to Great Wolf Lodge and development on Magiquest as a stand-alone was stopped. I feel like there is very little information out there and of course, the great Myrtle Beach location is now gone forever, but, I went many times and I kept a lot of my things, and purchased many of the items. Some items are still available, but other items are discontinued and fading away. I don't usually see many of the items for sale, so I don't know if most people just keep them, or if they get thrown away.  I also wanted to record some things down before I forgot about them and all the information about this marvelous game was lost.
We start this page with pictures from the oldest book I have, from approximately 2009 or 2010ish, I'm not certain. This was the first place I played, at Myrtle Beach. At the time, I remember you could choose from a black and gold wand, or a wood-like wand. Dragon wands were brand new. I got the basic black and gold wand, and the trickster topper. This book remained largely unchanged until the time of the closing. I have a newer version also, but the changes are just minor tweaks to make it a bit more obvious what you need to do, and to decrease the amount of time checking screens to see what to do next. I also purchased at the time, a whole bunch of the runes. I have placed pictures of the runes next to their quest. The map below shows how the Myrtle Beach location was originally laid out.

Table of contents, and the map of the Myrtle Beach location 
  Lightning Rune. This rune is exclusive to the stand-alone locations, as far as I know.  
  Healing Rune. This Rune still survives in the Great Wolf Lodge locations. I was told in 2018 that they had stopped making the runes and were phasing them out, so I bought some they had on the cards to be able to see the backs of the cards, which still contain references to the dueling and such. 
  Dazzle Rune still exists at Great Wolf Lodge locations and is used as the first test quest of new players. 

The music rune is exclusive to the stand-alone locations. It has a different look than the others. It shares its look with a few other runes, but they aren't as thick, and had shorter cords. 
  Enchant Creature Rune is still in Great Wolf Lodge locations.  
  The Distraction Rune is used for locations that have the Goblin King, as that's how you get into his lair.
  Rune of Protection is still in Great Wolf Lodge locations. 
  Reveal Rune is exclusive to stand-alone locations. It is different, thinner and not quite as nice as the others.
  Portal Rune exists as Great Wolf Lodge locations. 
  Freezing Rune exists at Great Wolf Lodge locations. 

Ice Arrow Rune exists at Great Wolf Lodge locations. 
  The Master Magi rune is a little shinier than the rest of the runes. This quest exists at Great Wolf Lodge locations. 
  Pixie adventure exists still at Great Wolf Lodge locations.

The Princess and the Goblin are nearly lost these days. They might be at the stand-alone locations, which are very few indeed. The last remnant of the Princess is in the Healing Rune quest.  
Unicorn is only in the stand-alone locations. Nearly lost. This rune is also extremely rare. I had only ever seen it at Myrtle Beach location. 
  Duel Master bauble I saw in about 2010 at Myrtle Beach and I bought it to go with my daughter's pink wand, which was also exclusive to there. The pink wand has sparkles. 
  The most popular adventure. The Dragon still exists at Great Wolf Lodge. I just notice that, at least in North Carolina, they don't seeeeeem to be fixing the broken chests too well, and some of the other elements are looking worn out. BUT, they had replaced some of the original no-touch screens with touch-screens, so that more of the box-on-the-wall places are interactive and you can make the status screens go away and such. But, it seems like they are pushing the ShadowQuest a lot more. There were new features out for that. There is a brass 'rune' for the dragon that matches the one on the screen, but I also bought a wand second-hand and found this very nice, better-detailed pewter version. I can ONLY assume that its just a nicer version that was also available and probably cost a little more. As you can tell, its picked up a bit more details and its silver in color. 
  The Garden Quest is no more. It once existed at Broadway on the Beach, in Myrtle Beach, but it fell into disrepair due to it being outside. When I went the first time, I was able to complete the quest. All the features were there. That was about 2009. By the time 2011 rolled around, many of the elements were broken or removed, and you had to manually ask the people in the shop to fill in the missing ones. And of course, now, all the elements have been removed. the reward was a special rune, and dueling passes, and some gold. 
Continuing through this book, we get some very useful information about the wand toppers. Newer books and Great Wolf Lodge books, leave out some of these toppers because they don't carry all of them. Under 'Ice Dragon', they have added a copy of the red dragon full body, just in white/blue and it functions the same as the Ice Dragon. Ice Dragon toppers at GWL locations function as Red Dragon toppers. Skull and Dark Stone are still available, however they do not have this original power, instead, it helps defeat the Red Dragon. 

The Rune Collector was not exactly a topper, but you were supposed to hang your runes from it.

Pegasus and Unicorn horn are about the most useless, though its nice when someone does it. They are both still widely available, which is because they do look really cool. The Ice Crystal and Pixie are unavailable at GWL, though I swear they used to be. Pink Gem and Majestic crown are both great and both still widely available. The Armillary is still in use as well. The Trixster's crown is still in use, though it has changed from a solid color where the strings lit up, to being totally clear. The blue claw, or Xavier's Claw, summons Xavier, which is the most fun power, if not the most useless. Basically, if you cast on a particular item, Xavier's laughing will come out of EVERY SPEAKER, all the objects will open, all games pause for a few seconds, and everyone gets nice and freaked out. Its great.  There exists the Great Wolf Lodge topper too, which I have no idea what it does. 

This variant crystal topper is quite unique. It does not look like a custom, so I'm certain it was sold somewhere, just possibly not part of the US releases.
They came out with an upgrade to the normal magi quests, and called them Master Magi quests, which included more challenging riddles, timed efforts, and so on. There were also new runes. 
Pretty sure this rune existed, but I never bought it and can't find it secondhand yet. 
I don't know if these ever had an associated rune prop. 
Ice Dragon was pretty tough, I spent a good amount of time getting it done that day. It was my whole goal, get the Ice Dragon done! 
Heroic quests had timers that increased their difficulty. I only did most of them once, because it was otherwise pretty annoying to try to rush around people during crowded afternoons. 

Magiquest Online
The online game lasted about a year or so, before it just didn't go anywhere. It was initially ok, and the ONLY way to unlock doing the Silver Dragon. Part of the questline involved a new rune, which was a rune you could buy, Thunder. Defeating the Silver Dragon also resulted in earning a rune, which is extremely rare these days. I haven't seen the Silver Dragon rune in a long time.

 Shadow Quest
Shadow Quest originally also had some runes available, but I don't know how many more there were. I only have these two.
Buttons available for completing all quests at Great Wolf Lodge and at the Myrtle Beach location. 
The Rune of Xander, the coolest villain of all! 

Different wands available. This black and gold wand was my first wand. The newer variant beside it is black, brushed with gold. Its definitely an easier paint job for the newer wands.

Wooden wands, older style and newer style.
Ice Dragon Wand, old style, new style. purchased in Concord, NC.
My original Red Dragon Wand from Myrtle Beach. It is the same mold as the newer dragon wands, but the paint application is much better on the older one like this.

Silver and Gold wand, old style, new style
Pink wand with sparkles/glitter. This wand and topper were purchased at the Myrtle Beach location in approximately 2010ish.
Blue, silver and gold wand, old style, new style.
Red and black wand, with flames. New style shown. Older style was mostly black with red details.
This horrific thing is the new, metallic style wand, which doesn't really look anything like a carved magical wand, and more like something you'd get from the dollar store. ><
Custom Wands I have made. The custom wands still work like their respective wands and toppers, just have been repainted, carved, remade, for a different aesthetic.