This is the Necropiper head. Originally sculpted by myself, Buff, then rough cast in resin, then smoothed and refined, then professionally cast by Mirodoll, he is my first released doll. The doll head is unlimited in peach skintone, and limited to just 5 in grey. Future releases will be determined as to number released. He is well suited to 63-70cm bodies. In the picture above he is shown on the 68cm Mirodoll body as well as a Dollzone 65cm body for my original rough cast on the right. He was inspired by drawings I have made for years, which came from the imaginings of sharp-featured shadow puppets, like those of Indonesia.

Necropiper can be purchased as a head or full doll. He is completely matched with the Mirodoll body. I have a certain amount in stock, and will order more as needed.

Dragon Khan Full Set- $1400
Peach Resin Unlimited
Head only: $120 - Sold out
Full Doll: $320 - Sold out
Full Set Dragon Khan (pictured above and left) - $1400

Grey Resin Limited to 5 -Sold out
Full doll: Available at Artshows, some as a full set with clothing, painting, and the works. Enquire about availability.

Hollow Wizard Full Set - Sold

General Hav Full Set- Sold