Unoa Zero Headback

This headback is sculpted by Buff as an aftermarket part allowing you to attach a Marion Unoa Zero face-plate, to this headback, then to ANY 60-70cm female body. I only have the SD16 Volks body to test, but as customers report the fit on other bodies, I will gather more pictures. Typical bodies in the 60-70cm range should be fine, and of course the headback is very thick to allow for modification without damaging the integrity of the part.  There is no putty, magnets or tape required. The face-plate will literally just snap on. I have modified the part to fit Latea decently. See pictures below. Make sure to specify Latea when ordering.

Cost: $40

Shipping: $7 in the US. Contact me for shipping quotes outside the US.

Headback is shown from the front and the side. As you can tell, it is a professionally finished headback with good resin-match to Unoa Zero skintone.

This is the headback on an SD17 body, with and without the face-plate attached.

This is the range of motion on an SD16 Volks body.

The resulting head-size takes typical 8-9 size wigs.

This is the head back on a Latea plate. I modify it to fit better, but the fit is not perfect. I will continue to refine the modifications and see if I can get it perfect. When you order, please let me know if you are ordering for Latea.



Pictures from the sculpting and casting process. All casting was done by Fantasy Doll and they have done an excellent job on this piece.



This is the prototype I sent to Fantasy Doll. I made the dome shallower, and fixed some inconsistencies, but obviously they continued to make improvements after they made the resin cast. I forgot to take pictures, so Fantasy Doll took a few. The blue marks are from moldmaking.Because I was using up all my old sculpey and its in different colors, you can see where I added patches to smooth it out and add details to help the head stay on better.

This is the prototype adjusted to fit a SD16 body, and shown on one. I continued to refine the sculpt from this and to fit this size neck, as it is a more average size for 60cm dolls.I pushed the place the neck hook rests back, and made the back of the neck smooth.


First prototype. Originally I only had a Super Gem girl body to work with, so I was sculpting it for that. Then, by luck, I managed to get the SD16 girl body from Volks and that body is much better suited. Here's the first sculpt on the Super Gem body, and its evolution.