Step 1 - Face-up. Must have doll and painting supplies.

Step 2 - Hot glue sueding. Must have hot glue and doll.

Step 3 - Pattern drafting. Must have doll and paper.

Step 4 - Sewing Undersuit. Must have doll, fabric, sewing supplies.

This section is dedicated to a project where I filmed myself from start to finish on the process of creating a doll. The videos can be used individually for those interested in a certain thing, but put together they are a walkthrough that anyone can follow. As of Feb 2013, these are the supplies and their cost:

Limhwa Limho Mono 44.5cm- $325 - Can be purchased from

12mm pale green eyes - $9.95 from ebay

6-7 #61 Black Short wig (optional) - $19.99 from ebay

1/4 Dollzone Megi4 boots - $24 from

Liquitex soft body ivory black -$6

Liquitex slow-dri blending medium - $6

1 Fluffy brush - can use an unused make-up brush

1 liner brush 18/00

1 Filbert #6

1 flat shader #4

1/8 yard of stretchy white fabric

1/4 yard of stretchy green fabric

1/4 yard of stretchy black fabric

1 9" square of medium thickness leather (not shoe thickness)

Fabric glue

Jointed hands (optional) $99

Liquid Rit dye- Black $5

Step 5 - Sewing Tunic. Must have doll, fabric, sewing supplies.

Step 6 - How to Dye. Must have hands, rit dye, pot.

Step 7 - Finishing touches and tricks. Must have boots, and completed previous steps.

Patterns located Here: